Tumblr Weekly Top Artists


Update: On June 10th, 2011, Tumblr announced a new version of their site that removed the ability to import RSS feeds unless you were previously using that feature. Since this Last.FM Weekly Top Artists feed was dependent on that feature, I’m afraid it’s no longer available. If you want to import your top artists, please contact Tumblr and ask them to reactivate the RSS import option. 

If you’d like to highlight your music interests from on your Tumblr page but don’t want to inundate friends with posts for each track, check out this simple tool I made called Tumblr.

Instead of generating a post for every individual track you listen to, this feed updates once a week with a list of your top 5 artists from the prior week. Less noise, same effect. See my post from last Sunday for an example of how the list will appear on Tumblr.

To add the feed to your Tumblr:

  • Visit the Tumblr page.
  • Enter your user name and click “Run Pipe”.
  • Select “Get as RSS” and copy that URL.
  • Go to the Customize page on Tumblr, then click the “Services” tab
  • Scroll down to the “Automatically import my…” section.
  • Select “RSS feed” as “Links with summaries”.
  • Paste the feed URL from step 3 and click “Start importing this feed.”
  • All done. Resume Tumblr.
  • The feed will automatically update each week on Sunday unless you don’t listen to any music through that week, in which case nothing will appear. Let me know if you run into any problems or have any suggestions to improve the feed.

NOTE: If you run the Pipe and it returns an error message saying there are no results to display, that usually means you didn’t listen to 5 or more bands last week through You can confirm that by visiting the following link, but replace “joelaz” in the URL with your own user name…

If you don’t see 5 or more bands listed, listen to more bands this week and try to run the pipe again next week. If you still get an error message, try again in a few hours. Yahoo Pipes can be a bit slow and wonky at times.