Would You Pay $715 for $630 in Cash?

There is a buy-it-now listing on eBay today where the seller is offering $630 in cash, which he will send electronically to the buyer through PayPal.  The current price for this listing is $715.  Why would someone pay $715 for $630 in cash? 

Well, you may have heard that Microsoft recently launched a ridiculous “cash back” promotion in the hopes of bribing Google customers to switch to Microsoft’s search engine, Live.com.  Seems some resourceful people found a loophole in the system. 

Apparently, you can get a 10-35% cash back reward for all buy-it-now eBay purchases if you access the eBay listing through Live Search.  So, people are simply selling cash and arbitraging the cash back reward.  Your move, Ballmer.